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Key Stats

  • Optimizing customers’ on-site shopping experiences
  • Minimizing manual work and reducing human errors
  • 17% increase in average order value
  • 24% increase in basket size
  • Customers that interact with Clerk recommendations are 1.6x more likely to convert and complete a purchase
  • In most cases, the increase from the baseline has been in double digits
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Minimizing manual work & human errors

In the past, Carlsberg was spending too much time and energy on manually setting up product recommendations on their e-commerce site and instructing customers on the best complementary and/or alternative products. Meanwhile, it’s troublesome in many ways to manually select and recommend products based on instincts, including difficulties in quality control and possibilities of human errors. Therefore, the brand was looking for a solution that could solve these pain points without requiring much time, energy, and upkeep. With much consideration, Carlsberg decided to give Clerk a try 😎!

Powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, Clerk makes it possible for the brand to automatically generate hyper-relevant product recommendations that drive sales.

"Clerk, I don't know how you guys do it. It's the algorithm, but we can see that the recommendations are bringing more profits. And it's just that cutting down the human error that has helped us tremendously!"

Ilkka Apunen, Global E-commerce Manager at Carlsberg

After switching to Clerk, the Carlsberg team instantly saw improvements in the quality of AI-powered product recommendations, as opposed to their manually maintained lists in the past. Doing so also freed up the Carlsberg team to focus on other important tasks.

Increase in AOV and basket size

Carlsberg found Clerk's recommendations particularly valuable in driving larger basket sizes and ultimately generating more profits 💰! Through analyzing sales data and customer behavior data, Clerk enables Carlsberg to present customers with hyper-relevant products based on (almost) perfect predictions of what they tend to buy. In doing so, Carlsberg succeeded in making the on-site shopping experience more relevant and more personalized to their customers.

With unlimited display possibilities, Clerk also allows Carlsberg to extensively place tailored product recommendations at strategic places across the webshop. For instance, high-converting recommendation banners can be dynamically displayed across their site, from the front page, categories, product pages, exit-intent popups to checkout, and many more!

Customer Story Carlsberg

Altogether, by showing customers more personalized recommendations at more strategic places, Carlsberg achieved a better conversion rate. To be specific, the likelihood of customers converting after interacting with Clerk recommendations increased by 1.6x. Furthermore, Carlsberg sees the AOV (average order value) increased by 17%, and the basket size increased by 24% on average 🛒.

Here's an example of how Clerk's cross-selling recommendation banners can look like on the product pages. In addition to showing alternative options, Carlsberg can also use Clerk to automatically suggest new products that would pair well with the products the customer is currently viewing.


💡 Not only can personalized product recommendations create opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, but they can also drive more traffics around the site and consequently reduce the bounce rate. In addition, by strategically placing recommendations across the site, Carlsberg can guide visitors’ product discovery journeys, making sure they will never run into a dead-end and always convert into actual sales.

Data-driven decision making

The benefits don’t stop there 🤩. Besides generating high-converting product recommendations, Clerk’s AI system also conducts analytics automatically and synchronously. Accordingly, the in-app dashboards can present a complete overview of revenue attribution and impact statistics across different recommendation banners and logics, allowing Carlsberg to better understand which recommendations are actual value drivers.

Data insights

Furthermore, Carlsberg can constantly optimize their e-commerce tactics and make data-driven informed business decisions, thanks to real-time analytics and insights in Clerk's dashboards. Last but not least, the brand always has the ability to export Clerk data to work with it further if needed.

"Clerk gives me high-quality data on how to make decisions, how to drive our development, what works and what doesn't work. It's easy to use and good for us in many ways!"

Ilkka Apunen, Global E-commerce Manager at Carlsberg

All in all, using Clerk has meant "double-digit growth" from the baseline (in most cases) for Carlsberg, according to the brand’s global e-commerce manager.

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