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Key Stats

  • 78% of orders impacted by Clerk
  • 64% of total revenues came from Clerk’s search and recommendation contents
  • 13% growth in average basket size
  • 74.8% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 4.9x higher probability of customers converting after using Clerk search
  • 3.55 more products added into each order with Clerk recommendations
  • 356% increase in conversion rate
efarma stats


As the leading online parapharmacy in Italy, eFarma has acquired a large group of customers, and the number is still growing. Yet, with an increasing number of visitors browsing and shopping on their e-commerce site, more digital footprints were also left behind. The brand found it difficult to systematically manage and thoroughly analyze this large amount of data by themselves. In particular, they wished to make use of these valuable data to better understand customer interests and missed conversions.

While the business was rapidly growing, eFarma was searching for solutions to maximize marketing outcomes with minimal efforts. Before implementing Clerk, it was too time- and energy-consuming for the eFarma team to manually manage all their merchandising campaigns, especially sales campaigns.

eFarma has an extensive, comprehensive catalog with over 40,000 health and wellness products for customers to choose from. While offering customers a wide range of options, the brand struggled with helping them navigate around the website and find the right product. For instance, eFarma wanted to optimize their customers’ onsite search experience, so they were looking for a search engine that can better understand customer’s search intents and queries as well as present the most relevant products.


Boosting sales & minimizing efforts with AI-driven merchandising

"Creating merchandising campaigns is easy and intuitive, as it allows you in a few simple steps to propose your offer to the consumers, based on seasonality or search queries."

Emmanuele De Angelis, Commercial Director at eFarma

eFarma runs sales from time to time throughout the year on their e-commerce site. After implementing Clerk Merchandising, eFarma can easily manage various sales campaigns, maximizing profits while minimizing manual work 💰. Clerk’s industry-leading merchandising feature allows the brand to control customers’ shopping experience with tailored recommendations by applying Clerk’s custom merchandising rules across their site.

Clerk merchandising rules

Here’s an example of how eFarma gives a boost to on-sale items when a customer searches for "SPF (sunscreen)”:

eFarma merchandising

As displayed, eFarma gives on-sale products a significant boost by prioritizing and highlighting them on the search result page. Besides search results, Clerk’s merchandising also allows the brand to boost products that are currently on sale anywhere across its site, such as in recommendations banners. By running effective merchandising campaigns with Clerk, eFarma achieved higher sales, faster inventory turnover, more engaged customers, and better profits 🥳.

Want to learn more about Clerk Merchandising: 🏆 Clerk achieved to be winning leaders amongst merchandising software, according to G2's newly released Spring 2021 Reports.

Automatically managing seasonality & trends with smart recommendations

After integrating Clerk’s CDP (customer data platform), eFarma can effortlessly connect and centralize their customer data and product data. Also, the brand relies on Clerk's CDP to manage and analyze this vast amount of data with ease.

Furthermore, the brand uses Clerk Recommendations to automatically generate personalized recommendations, based on a number of behavioral data points (visitor's click history, order history, search history, etc.) as well as product data points (best sellers, trending, best-cross sell products, etc.). This ensures that each customer only receives relevant, personalized product recommendations. As a result, 3.6 more products were added into each order on average over the past 30 days.

In particular, the brand applauses for Clerk helping them automatically optimize product recommendations based on new seasons and trends. Here's how the recommendation banner looks like when a customer views eFarma's category page of children products in the summertime now:

eFarma- Recommendations

As the example demonstrates, Clerk makes it easy for eFarma to automatically adapt product recommendations to the current reason and suggests sunscreens for kids when the weather is getting warm.

Using intelligent search to understand customers better & convert more

After switching to Clerk, eFarma instantly improved its site navigation and raised conversions by optimizing the onsite search engine. With an exceedingly wide variety of products (40,000+), eFarma utilizes Clerk Search to guide customers by providing the most relevant search results in a fast and frictionless manner.

Because eFarma’s customers enjoying the personalized search experience supported by Clerk, up to 74.8% of their customers bought products via search over the past 30 days. Accordingly, by always showing customers the most relevant products, aFarma achieved a better conversion from site search. To be specific, the likelihood of customers converting after using search increased by 4.9x.

When a customer uses Clerk's search to find products on eFarma's site, they can start to get results after typing in just two or three keystrokes:


After a customer only types in “arm" (three keystrokes), Clerk instantly understands their search intent and buying interests and then presents the perfect search results of relevant ArmoLIPID products. Doing so allows eFarma to guide customer's search discovery and provide a seamless shopping experience on their e-commerce store.

"Clerk has a simple and intuitive interface, the large amount of data is organized and easy to consult. Thanks to the tool, it is possible to interpret customer search queries, especially intentions and missed conversions. It's a useful tool for optimization purposes!"

Emmanuele De Angelis, Commercial Director at eFarma

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