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About Philipson Wine

As Philipson Wine’s business and product selection continued to grow, the brand began looking for a Search and Recommendations tool to make it easier for customers to navigate their site and find their perfect wine. After much consideration, the brand decided to give Clerk a try.


After switching to Clerk, Philipson Wine saw their average order value of orders placed through their site increase by 21%. With Clerk’s detailed analytics, the brand could also see that 21% of their orders for the month converted from Clerk's search results and product recommendation banners. Furthermore, Philipson Wine could see their conversion rate increased by 80% when customers used their search function and engaged in recommendations.

Needless to say, the brand could see the difference offering their customers a more seamless shopping experience made and a clear ROI after implementing Clerk.

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Growing with Clerk

In the past, Philipson Wine always had a lot of success driving online sales through email campaigns and originally had no intention of altering their setup. However, after seeing such success with Clerk's Search and Recommendations coupled with the addition on Clerk's new integration with Dynamic Web, the brand decided to give Clerk's Audience and Email products a try. As a result, Philipson Wine has been able to create even higher-performing email campaigns driven by Clerk’s targeted segmentation features and email triggers. Plus, utilizing one personalization platform instead of several separate tools helps keep their customer data unified and saves the brand a tremendous amount of time and effort when creating marketing campaigns.

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