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The Facts

  • 69% of orders contain at least one product found through Clerk
  • 63% of products sold via Clerk
  • 55% of total revenues came from Clerk’s search & recommendation contents and targeted campaigns powered by Clerk Audience
  • 49.5% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 21.9x higher likelihood of customers converting after using Clerk search
  • 42.5% of customers buy products via product recommendations powered by Clerk
  • 3.7 more products added into orders through Clerk recommendations
  • 12.6x higher likelihood of customers converting after clicking on Clerk recommendations
  • 13.2x higher likelihood of conversion

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For about five years, Targetsas has been using Clerk products to enhance their customers' online shopping experiences and improve their business performance, particularly revenue and inventory turnover. 📈 💰

Initially, the brand wanted to improve customers' search and navigation experience on their e-commerce site. They found Clerk and decided to give Clerk's Search and Recommendations solutions a try.

Later, with an ever-growing customer base, Targetsas wished to have a systematic and unified understanding of each and every one of their customers. At that point, the brand was pleased and satisfied with Clerk's Search and Recommendations solutions. So they decided to choose Clerk again. Now Targetsas leverages Clerk Audience as their CDP (customer data platform), collecting and analyzing real-time data from their customers’ activities across multiple sales and marketing channels.  

Personalize messaging to convert customers

As a successful business for over 25 years, Targetsas has built a large customer base that contains a great opportunity of reaching out to more people and further expanding the base. Clerk makes it possible for the brand to make the most of this opportunity. 💪

By utilizing Clerk Audience as a highly functional and customizable CDP, Targetsas is able to segment their customers and then send hyper-personalized messages. Additionally, by synchronizing the audience segments (created by Clerk) with the external campaign platform, ActiveCampaign, the team at Targetsas can easily create highly-targeted and high-performing marketing campaigns:


Needless to say, the more personalized, relevant messages the brand is sending, the higher likelihood the audience will convert and remain a loyal customer!

📚 Learn more: What is a CDP? And how can you leverage Clerk as a smarter CDP? 👉 Check out this definitive guide to CDPs right here.

Increase ROI & basket size with AI-powered product recommendations

Targetsas sees a lot of success driving online sales with Clerk's AI-powered personalized product recommendations. By dynamically displaying relevant product recommendations across the website, the brand can guide the shopper's product discovery and generate unlimited cross-selling and upselling opportunities. In particular, Clerk is excellent in helping their regular customers find the right products, because the product recommendations the customer sees are highly personalized based on historical data of their previous purchases. 😍

As a result, 42.5% of their customers buy products via recommendations. The probability of customers converting increases 12.6x after clicking on personalized recommendations powered by Clerk. On average, 3.7 more products are added to each order. 🛒

The list below presents some of Targetsas’s best-selling recommendation banners and their revenue attributions and impact statistics:


For instance, the brand is seeing a 1,660x ROI from the top-performing recommendation banner alone. 💸

Drive sales with site search optimization

With a massive catalog of over 35,000 products, Targetsas utilizes Clerk to optimize its onsite search functions by integrating many advanced search features, such as natural language processing, typo tolerance, synonyms, faceted search, and content search. After using Clerk Search, the brand has seen an immediate improvement in its online sales. Because with a well-functioned search engine, Targetsas can now lead customers to find the right product and finalize the purchase order. 🤗

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The brand successfully converted more searchers to actual paying customers by providing online shoppers with the most optimized search experience. 49.5% of customers buy products via the site search powered by Clerk, and the likelihood of customers converting is 21.9x higher after they use Clerk Search.

Overall, the improved customer experience has resulted in a dramatic increase in the conversion rate of Targetsas's webshop. As soon as their customers interact with Clerk, the likelihood of them completing the purchase grows 13.2x.

Finally yet importantly, the team at Targetsas is also super satisfied with Clerk's customer service besides the great products 🙌:

"One of the biggest benefits of using Clerk is is that we have assistance and commercial consulting service at the highest level, and above all, in the local language. The staff is very competent, motivated, and helps me a lot."

- Bruno Mutti, Founder and Director at

To find out how Clerk can help your business increase online sales and revenue just like Targetsas, talk to one of our experts today!

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