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Teeshoppen values Clerk's flexibility when scaling globally

The man behind e-commerce success Teeshoppen has learned that when your software doesn’t work, that’s when things get really expensive. That’s why today he places great importance on good cooperation.

“We don’t want to be placed in a box. We won’t create a big business if we can be placed in the same box as everyone else. That’s why it’s important for us to work with others who think outside the box. We found this to be the case with Clerk, who were willing to provide a price structure that allowed us to compete in a lot of markets,” says Benjamin Philip, owner of Teeshoppen.

The digital business Teeshoppen started as a retailer of t-shirts back in 2014. Today, 27-year-old founder Benjamin Philip has expanded the range to jackets, shoes, trousers, and much more, and in the last 12 months has shipped over 300,000 orders.

They are on the verge of a major international breakthrough. They are already present in Scandinavia, Germany, and Great Britain and have recently added the Netherlands to the list.

“Our goal this year is to open a webshop in a new country every three weeks. Since we started our new strategy, 35% of our revenue has come from outside Denmark. It’s something we really believe in. We will use Clerk in all the markets we enter,” says the entrepreneurial Benjamin Philip.  

"Clerk has been with us on this journey, no matter how fast the business has grown"

Specifically, Teeshoppen uses Clerk's personalization platform to present customers with the products they would like to see using their carousel function.

“Once we've got people on our site, that is where the conversion work really starts. Clerk is a great tool for meeting customer needs. We use Clerk to boost products where we make a profit. In short, Clerk is helping us generate that bottom line,” Benjamin Philip explains.

The 27-year-old founder from Aalborg jokes that Teeshoppen "isn’t all that unique", but the way they sell their products gives them their raison d'être.

The entrepreneurship started in the schoolyard

Benjamin Philip’s entrepreneurial career began in the schoolyard, where he sold goods from foreign websites to his peers.

This was the starting point for the merchant, who started his own clothing brand at a young age and experienced great demand for t-shirts without logos or prints. He lives and breathes for his business. Therefore, it is also important for him that his partners can keep up with him. When Teeshoppen opened in new countries, he found that Clerk could do just that.

“Once you’ve onboarded a site, you can just open at whatever pace you want. Clerk has been with us on this journey, no matter how fast the business has grown. I get the feeling that no companies are too big for Clerk,” says Benjamin Philip.


Trust has become a buzzword when it comes to choosing partners

When, over the years, Teeshoppen has had to choose partners for their software, they have gone for the cheapest on the market several times. Today, however, they have become wiser in that regard.

“We previously saved 10,000 kroner by choosing the cheapest provider, but they couldn’t deliver in the long run. It's not expensive to pay a little more for good software that works. When your software doesn’t work – that’s when things get really expensive. That’s why trust and cooperation are the most important things,” says Benjamin Philip.

He does not see Teeshoppen as a simple case. They have high ambitions to expand the business and scale to many new markets. Therefore, they need a versatile partner.

“It’s one thing to know your own product, but Clerk has a good basic understanding of e-commerce that goes beyond the functionality that their software can provide. We have worked with other software providers who were solely experts in their field and failed to see the overall picture. I have never had that experience with Clerk,” says Benjamin Philip.

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to scaling quickly

In the end, Clerk's flexible price structure, with no need to negotiate prices from time to time, was the deciding factor for Teeshoppen.

“We agreed on a pricing structure where we pay per shown recommendation. With similar tools, we had to pay a fixed fee regardless of the number of visitors. This was a crucial point for us as it would become very expensive when we want to expand to 25 countries over the next 2.5 years. Clerk was very flexible and found a pricing structure that worked for us,” Benjamin Philip explains.


The 27-year-old entrepreneur behind Teeshoppen is not afraid to emphasize that his good business acumen is what created a large part of the company's success. But Clerk is a really good partner if you want the best value for your money.

“Clerk does not lift up your business on their own. But they do ensure that you get the most out of your advertising bucks. We spend millions on marketing every month and it would be idiotic not to partner with someone like Clerk, who are really good at what they do,” concludes Benjamin Philip.

Would you like to know more about how Clerk can help you get to most out of your marketing efforts and build a successful global e-commerce business like Teeshoppen? Then click below and schedule a free consultation with one of our e-commerce experts today.

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