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The Facts

  • 52% of orders impacted by Clerk
  • 27% increase in basket size
  • 40.3% of customers buy products via site search powered by Clerk
  • 29.3% of searches are misspelled by customers
  • 1.45 more products sold after customers interact with Clerk’s recommendations
  • 25% increase in active customers over the last 6 months
  • 10.56x increase in conversion rates

Weinober performance stats


Weinober has experienced massive growth in the last 10 years: Their business had a 46x revenue growth. While feeling proud and excited about the rapid business growth, Oliver, the owner of Weinober, also felt challenged and pressured by deciding where to allocate time between maintaining the website, keeping new offers up to date, marketing, and many more. As it became more and more difficult to invest time in everything, Oliver began looking into options to automize some tasks.

Another challenge Weinober was previously faced with was to create a dynamic website. Specifically, the company wanted to prevent its e-commerce website from being static and ensure that new offers and deals are constantly added. Because when customers see a static website with never-changing content, they often fear that the site is not working anymore.

What is even more worrying was that Shopware’s native site search function did not work efficiently. For instance, site searchers sometimes did not find relevant results using it, and then just like that, Weinober lost the sale.

Why Clerk?

With all these issues taken into account, Weinober researched Clerk and competitors for a solution. The company ended up choosing Clerk for a couple of reasons:

  • As an all-in-one personalization platform, Clerk can offer all they wanted.
  • Ease of integration.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Fair price.

“While researching, I was comparing services but also how people talk to me, and which company best considered my needs. With all taken into consideration, Clerk was the best company! In addition to the great products, the people are really polite, really warm, and that's what I enjoy and love.”

- Oliver Gschnitzer, Owner of Weinober


Increasing profits with dynamic recommendations

Weinober’s e-commerce website is no longer static after integrating Clerk’s AI-powered product recommendation engine. It always looks fresh and updated because they no longer have to manually update and add new products. It’s all done automatically by Clerk’s recommendation engine. 🤖

Today, Weinober has multiple ways to promote new products. First of all, the company uses Clerk to automatically generate a “New Arrivals” recommendation banner on the homepage, announcing and promoting new wines to all webshop visitors:

Weinober_  Recs

In addition, by using Clerk’s Email Automation tool with Audience Segmentation engine in combination, Weinober can target customers who’re truly interested in the new wines and send them personalized marketing emails:

Weinober_ Email

Boosting productivity & improving CX with AI-driven automation

Clerk enables Weinober to succeed by liberating its workforce from repetitive manual work with AI-driven automation. Weinober leverages Clerk to automatically generate personalized product recommendations across its e-commerce site and send hyper-relevant emails on autopilot. For example, 15,455 emails were automatically sent by Clerk for the past 3 months (March to May 2022), with an open rate of 46.77%:

Weinober email campaign overview

By doing so, Weinober can allocate more time to other important and necessary tasks while ensuring that they provide customers with an optimized experience. As a result, Weinober achieved a 25% increase in active customers over the last 6 months.

Weinober was able to save time from day 1, because Clerk offers easy and smooth integration with tons of platforms:

“Clerk offered me all I wanted and took care of the integration and also - that’s what’s really nice - for a fair price.”

- Oliver Gschnitzer, Owner of Weinober

Driving conversions with smart, efficient search engine

Weinober also praised Clerk for its smart search engine, a masterpiece particularly designed for e-commerce websites.

"Clerk Search is a masterpiece! I think that’s the best new function on my website.”

- Oliver Gschnitzer, Owner of Weinober

Recent research shows that site searchers are 2-3x more likely to convert. Thus, a well-functioned search engine is vital to guarantee good conversion rates. After replacing Shopware’s native search function with Clerk’s intelligent search engine, Weionber is now able to instantly show customers the perfect results that actually match their search queries.

Furthermore, 29.3% of searches are misspelled by Weinober’s customers. Instead of losing sales due to failing to show relevant search results (or even any results), Weinober uses Clerk Search’s Typo Tolerance feature to prevent revenue loss. Here’s an example of how Weinober uses Clerk to still present the right results when a customer misspells "castelfeder”:

Weinober_ Misspelled search

To learn more about how Clerk can help your online business save time and sell more, schedule a time with one of our e-commerce experts today!

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