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Industry: Arts and entertainment

Products used: Search, Recommendations

Founded: Sweden


  1. A large focus on improving the search functionality and experience for each customer.
  2. Limited data on the customer journey and how they interact with the webstore.
  3. Organizing a large product catalog to ensure customers find what they are looking for.


  1. 25% increase in average order value
  2. 37% increase in improved basket size

In this customer story, learn how Gallerix, a Swedish webshop specializing in wall prints and frames, utilized Clerk’s Search and Recommendations within their webshop. By doing so, they have increased their average order value by 25% and basket size by 37%

Introduction to Gallerix: 

Gallerix began as a small space in Uppsala, Sweden, then grew into a network of 93 stores across Sweden before becoming a thriving and purely e-commerce-based store. 

They are a premier destination for a wide range of wall art, offering high-quality prints curated from global artists and photographers. From serene landscapes to vibrant cityscapes and abstract pieces, Gallerix caters to diverse tastes and styles across their Swedish customer base as well as international markets.

The decision to become a purely e-commerce store came about as Gallerix always strives to follow developments in society and be with the times.

Therefore, shifting their focus towards their e-commerce store felt right in today's market, allowing for a broader pool of customers, as well as the opportunity to open up in several markets: today, Gallerix can be found in over 20 markets.

Before Clerk: A physical store’s journey to e-commerce success

Before choosing Clerk, Gallerix was embarking on a journey to enhance their online presence and completely streamline the shopping experience for their customers. 

The key target was to optimize their site search, ensuring customers were able to find what they were searching for, especially when faced with such a large product catalog. And, with up to 30% of e-commerce visitors using the search bar as soon as they enter a webstore, ensuring customers can find their desired products is vital to increasing conversions and reducing bounce rates. 

So, Gallerix started their research for Site Search providers, discovering Clerk in the process. After seeing how easy the setup process was and that all the basic functions were there for them from the get-go, they determined we would be their trusted partner in this optimization journey.

The Solution: A data-driven site search that guides the customer journey

Gallerix's quest for a robust site search solution led them to Clerk, but what really stood out was the competitive pricing structure and comprehensive feature set that aligned perfectly with their objectives. 

And, as mentioned above, the quick and seamless setup process, facilitated by Clerk's user-friendly API, reinforced Gallerix's decision to integrate Clerk's solutions into their platform. In fact, Jimmy Håkansson, CEO at Gallerix states: “Once we implemented the functions it has worked from day one”.

This seamless implementation not only validated Gallerix's decision but also exemplifies Clerk's commitment to providing user-friendly and effective solutions with a quick delivery on results.

Gallerix currently use 2 Clerk products: Search, and Recommendations, and the Clerk platform also features:

1. A cookieless personalization tool

Clerk’s AI platform is completely cookieless, meaning the personalized experience works entirely within privacy compliance and ensures sensitive data is kept safe.

2. An all-in-one platform

The unique suite of products work in conjunction to create a fully-rounded e-commerce personalization and automation experience.

3. Works from day one

Clerk’s technology requires no learning period and works out-of-the-box, meaning results can be measured from day one.

4. Driven by the power of AI

Clerk’s AI-driven software functions just like an in-store employee, using its insightful and intuitive data to correctly predict the products customers want to purchase.

The Results: 

Since implementing Clerk, Gallerix has witnessed several key benefits that have significantly elevated their online operations and customer experience:

Continued success with Site Search:

The site search function has emerged as a cornerstone of Gallerix's success, empowering customers to effortlessly locate their desired products.

Using Clerk's advanced features, including search suggestions and personalized recommendations based on customer behavior, Gallerix has enriched the browsing experience for their customers, leading to increased engagement and overall satisfaction.

Gallerix's Site Search.

The use of Recommendations, which harnesses the power of social proof to indicate to a visitor what other customers have purchased and other suggestions based on browsing behavior has been a key success factor to further enhance the customer experience on their website and prolong the buying journey.

Just one of many Recommendations sliders on the product page.

And their investment in Clerk has yielded substantial returns. The intuitive interface and seamless integration of Clerk's features have empowered Gallerix to drive conversions and enhance their customer satisfaction.

Brand awareness and market expansion:

Gallerix also noted upon the assistance of Clerk within their branding strategy and awareness. They have worked hard on building up their brand to reach more people and wanted to ensure everything on their website guarantees the customer experience runs smoothly. Jimmy states: "Clerk has been such a help to us; it's so important to have all the details on the website and throughout the entire system work for us and for the customer experience. Clerk has been a part of that, and we are very satisfied with it". 

In fact, Jimmy mentions that Gallerix has "strengthened our branding and market reach to see growth rates ranging from 70% to 100% year on year".

Clerk's platform has also supported Gallerix's expansion into 24 different countries. The system is being used in all their chosen markets, demonstrating the scalability and adaptability supported in catering to diverse markets, as well as Gallerix's incredible market suitability and business case. 

Prioritizing the customer experience is paramount for Gallerix, and they delivered seamless and personalized interactions, which has fostered loyalty, and driven repeat business. And, the minimal need for monitoring Clerk's systems, allows Gallerix to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on strategic initiatives.


A big thank you to Gallerix for the collaboration and partnership. It has been wonderful to see how they have leveraged Clerk's AI technology and personalized search and recommendations to achieve incredible results, including enhanced customer engagement, resulting in significant improvements in conversion rates and market expansion.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of Gallerix in their journey towards sustained success and leadership in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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