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Industry: Food, beverages + sporting goods

Products used: Search, Recommendations, Audience, Email

Founded: Belgium


  1. Focus on improving the recommendations of each customer.
  2. A lower than desired average order value.
  3. Wanting to extend the customer journey through personalized communication.


  1. 19% increase in average order value
  2. 33% increase in average basket size

In this customer story, learn how Sportfoods, a Belgian webshop specializing in endurance and strength sports supplements, utilized Clerk’s Search, Recommendations, and Email within their Magento-hosted webshop. By doing so, they have increased their average order value by 19% and achieved a higher average basket size of 33%.

Introduction to Sportfoods: The Specialist in Sports Nutrition

Sportfoods is a leading Belgian web shop specializing in supplements, which are primarily geared toward endurance and strength sports. Think sport drinks, energy gels, protein bars and everything in between.

Their e-commerce platform currently operates through Magento 2, one of the many platforms with which Clerk seamlessly integrates.

Sportfoods is constantly seeking ways to personalize and enhance the customer experience on their website to increase their Average Order Value (AOV) and conversion rates. Not only this, but what is equally important is providing Sportfoods’ web visitors and customers with an online experience that aligns with their beliefs and profile.

Before Clerk: Seeking the right tool to increase conversion rates and cart value.

Sportfoods was searching for several vital functionalities when looking for a tool to complement their tech stack:

They wanted to:

  • Encourage customers to purchase more products that align with their fitness goals.
  • Significantly increase the average order value to boost overall online profitability.
  • Optimize the customer journey on their webshop and off-site, particularly extending the journey through a personalized communication strategy.

Sportfoods opted for personalization and automation with Clerk to specifically focus on activating new brands and optimizing the customer journey. By strategically leveraging Clerk, particularly in recommendation features and email communication, Sportfoods has seen a significant improvement in their AOV and cart size.

The solution: Why choose Clerk as an e-commerce tool?

The solution for Sportfoods came in the form of Clerk’s e-commerce optimization tools that have allowed them to automate and personalize the shopping experience and customer journey for each individual visitor.

They currently use all 4 Clerk products: Search, Recommendations, Email (in conjunction with ActiveCampaign), and Audience.

Not only that, but Clerk is:

1. A cookieless personalization tool

Clerk’s AI platform is completely cookieless, meaning the personalized experience works entirely within privacy compliance and ensures sensitive data is kept safe.

2. An all-in-one platform

The unique suite of products work in conjunction to create a fully-rounded e-commerce personalization and automation experience.

3. Works from day one

Clerk’s technology requires no learning period and works out-of-the-box, meaning results can be measured from day one.

4. Driven by the power of AI

Clerk’s AI-driven software functions just like an in-store employee, using its insightful and intuitive data to correctly predict the products customers want to purchase. 

The results: Unlocking personalized customer experiences with Clerk

Since implementing Clerk, Sportfoods has been able to:

  • Provide a personalized experience for their customers without relying on cookies.
  • Utilize an integrated solution that works instantly and harnesses the potential of AI to predict customer needs and respond accordingly.
  • See an increase of 19% in average order value and 33% in basket size.

So, how do these results work in practice? Simply put, more products are being sold per customer, which, of course, directly impacts Sportfoods' bottom-line strategy.

Their next step with Clerk is to address different target groups even more effectively than their current set-up. With insights from Clerk, Sportfoods aims to increase purchase frequency among specific customer segments and apply the right strategies to achieve this goal.

And the best part? These insights are immediately actionable after linking Magento to Clerk.

Ruud Sjollema, Owner of Sportfoods, exclaims that: “33% more products per order with the help of smart recommendations: customers are discovering more of the Sportfoods assortment!"

A big thank you to Sportfoods for the collaboration and partnership. Want to read more customer stories with Clerk? Click here.

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