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Industry: Arts and Entertainment

Products used: Recommendations

Founded: Netherlands


  1. Managing their inventory and connecting products manually became overwhelming.
  2. Falling behind on product recommendations, upselling, and cross-selling due to the sheer number of new products. 
  3. Issues with ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience for their customers.


  1. 20% increase in average order value
  2. 35% increase in average basket size

In this customer story, learn how, a Dutch webshop specializing in party supplies, utilized Clerk’s Recommendations within their webshop. By doing so, they have increased their average order value by 20% and basket size by 35%

Introduction to Partywinkel: is a leading Dutch e-commerce store specializing in party supplies. Founded in 2012, Partywinkel operates from their warehouse in Dordrecht and provides an extensive range of party items and decorations for any occasion. 

They now stock more than 500,000 party items, including helium tanks, balloons, costumes for Oktoberfest, Halloween, and everything in between. As a company, Partywinkel is renowned for their efficient delivery, comprehensive product selection, and exceptional customer service, aspects they have stayed true to since their founding.

And, they have branched out by creating, an webstore dedicated to baby supplies and clothing which was inspired by their own experience as parents of young children. 

Before Clerk: Manual work overload and limited personalization

Before utilizing the Clerk platform, Partywinkel were facing several common challenges experienced within the e-commerce space. 

As their assortment of products grew, it became less and less manageable to manually work with. With thousands of SKUs, organizing their inventory and connecting products became overwhelming. Not only that, but there was little product personalization for their customers. 

This resulted in time being wasted on this manual labor, especially when this could have been used on other more important tasks such as their business strategy, or even marketing tasks.

4 key challenges:

  1. Adding new products efficiently due to the sheer number of new products.
  2. Connecting new products with existing ones due to time restrictions and a constantly revolving inventory.
  3. Falling behind on product recommendations, upselling, and cross-selling.
  4. Ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience for their customers.

Being able to optimize and personalize a webstore properly is incredibly effective, with 76% of businesses seeing a positive ROI thanks to personalized recommendations. 

And with 90% of shoppers stating they would be willing to share behavioral data to make their shopping experience more convenient, finding a personalization solution for their webstore that is also cookieless became a top priority for Partywinkel: especially one that could also help them automize their growing inventory.

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The Solution: Automation and personalization in one platform

After evaluating multiple options and analyzing their competitors, Partywinkel chose Clerk for our smart and comprehensive Recommendations tool that would take away manual work and automate every step of the process.  

Clerk’s platform creates a powerful basis for any e-commerce store and is:

1. A cookieless personalization tool

Clerk’s AI platform is completely cookieless, meaning the personalized experience works entirely within privacy compliance and ensures sensitive data is kept safe.

2. An all-in-one platform

The unique suite of products work in conjunction to create a fully-rounded e-commerce personalization and automation experience, including search, recommendations, email, and audience.

3. Works from day one

Clerk’s technology works out-of-the-box, meaning it requires no learning period, and results can be measured from day one.

4. Driven by the power of AI

Clerk’s AI-driven software functions just like an in-store employee, using its insightful and intuitive data to correctly predict the products customers want to purchase.

Partywinkel integrated our Recommendations feature within their tech stack to streamline their operations and enhance the customer journey throughout their webstore.

The Results

Since implementing Clerk, Partywinkel has experienced significant improvements in several key areas:

Increased upselling through recommendation sliders:

  • AI-driven personalized recommendation sliders have significantly enhanced Partywinkel's ability to upsell products. Customers are now presented with complementary items that complete their purchases, such as matching accessories for costumes.
  • The intuitive recommendation system helps customers visualize the products they need to complete the party, encouraging them to add more items to their cart.

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Linked and comprehensive product assortment:

  • Clerk’s technology seamlessly connects related products, making it easier for Partywinkel to manage their extensive inventory.
  • Easy matches, such as balloon weights and ribbons, are now automatically suggested, simplifying this upselling process.
  • Patrick Noij, Owner of Partywinkel and Babywinkel states: “The Recommendations tool greatly reduced our manual work and the Email Recommendations allows us to send targeted emails based on interests and customer type”.
Related products on a singular balloon product.

Effective use of recommendation sliders to improve customer engagement:

  • Customized sliders display several different metrics including popular items and alternatives on product pages.
  • These sliders adapt to customer behavior, showcasing items that are most likely to interest them, thereby increasing engagement and sales.
  • Connected products and suggestions based on other customers' purchases help customers discover additional items, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Features like “Customers also bought” and “Complete the look” guide customers to make more informed and satisfying purchasing decisions.
Popular products in a category.

The unexpected benefit of enhanced SEO:

  • With Clerk, Partywinkel’s search engine visibility has significantly improved, due to the interlinked product pages and enhanced content making their SEO more effective. This has driven more organic traffic to their site and increased overall sales.

A user-friendly dashboard:

  • The Insights dashboard offers a valuable understanding and review of product performance, making it easy for Partywinkel to track their current progress.
  • The intuitive interface provides clear metrics on how their recommendations are performing, allowing for data-driven decisions to further optimize their strategy.

Exceptional customer support:

Patrick Noij has also praised Clerk’s Customer Success Team for being “easily reachable and highly responsive. The Support Team is also proactive to address any issues and provide timely assistance, ensuring an incredibly smooth process”. 


A big thank you to Partywinkel for the collaboration and partnership. We are proud to have been part of their tech stack and see how they have leveraged the Clerk platform to increase their basket sizes and order value. We are excited to follow your continued growth and success.

We also enjoy seeing our seamless Shopify integration help support their ongoing growth and success.

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